Introducing Marc Jubete Bascompte

July 12, 2017

Introducing Marc Jubete Bascompte


Marc will not be dancing in this years balletworks but instead will be providing us with a premiere. 


Marc is an inspirational choreographer/dancer winning many awards such as the Dr. Wilhelm Oberdörffer-Preis 2016 and the Erik Bruhn Prize 2016 for Best Contemporary Choreography. We also asked Marc if he could put down in words a few ideas what movement and choreography means to him.

"I like playing with the possibilities of a human body, shapes, dynamics, different quality of movement, textures, issolation, the power of stillness and simple actions... but none of it would be interesting to me if the dancers hadn't have put their souls and minds into all of what we are trying to achieve. Without that, it would be empty, replaceable, and even unnecessary. Whats essential to me is honesty from the dancer, commitment and belief in what we are trying do. To become something else when we dance, but still keeping who we are in this new universe that we as choreographers can create. Communicating clearly enough that everything we say through movement can be looked at and understood". 

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