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Founded in 2014, the concept for BalletWorks came around through our annual galas on the Isle of Wight. In aid of the Mountbatten Hospice, we showcased works being created on the main stages of Europe to a public that may have less exposure to contemporary dance works and donating all proceeds to the hospice. At this same time “Boots for ballet” was created, a program that takes place at various primary schools across the Isle of Wight encouraging boys between the ages of 8-11 years to give up their football boots for ballet shoes.

Balletworks has now become a project based company, having an established repertoire from international choreographers, providing artists a platform to create. A typical evening with us will feature everything from neoclassical to contemporary dance, photography, film and installation. Our collaborative approach means that the pieces we present are always uniquely made for our dancers, ensuring every BalletWorks performance exhibits this sense of spark, creativity and innovation.

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