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Edge me Away was made by choreographer Emrecan Tanis. The work was initially commissioned as an RND with the help of the Arts Counicl England. Where we spent a total of five days to create a 8 minutie piece in the beautiful building which is the home of Swindon Dance. After a re-visit of the work a year later we had decided to extend the version for us to curate our first full evening for BalletWorks, where the piece went on to be apart of our show at the Edingburgh Fringe Festival. 

Choreographer: Emrecan Tanis

Filmed by: Paul Windridge

Dancers: Pablo Von Sternenfels and Robert Robinson

Photographer: Roosa Oksaharju

Bleuete - IsleofWightGALA-61.jpg
Bleuete - IsleofWightGALA-66.jpg
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