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This year I set up a programme called “Boots for Ballet” connecting me to various primary schools on the Isle Of Wight, encouraging boys to give up their football boots for ballet shoes. I’ve taught a total of 65 boys age 8-11 years old, providing them with an understanding of classical dance training and performance. In doing this and providing an introductory slot in our 2018 performance we further expanded our audience to parents who would otherwise not attend an evening of dance. Here is feedback from one of the parents;

“As a parent of one of the students in the video who also worked with you at medina theatre with the boots to ballet project I am so pleased to see you still working at the projects with the children. I am so happy when I see my son do these sorts of work shops and to have someone like yourself for the children to look up to (both girls and boys) it’s inspiring, thank you for all you do. Karren Cox”


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